Everpure® Quantum 1000 Cartridge

The Quantum 1000 delivers sparkling clear, fresh, premium quality ingredient water for great tasting beverages.

Our unique precoat submicron technology reduces:

  • Dirt and particles as small as ½ micron in size
  • Chlorine off taste and odour
  • Reduces possible health contaminants such as: asbestos fibres and parasitic cysts such as cryptosporidium and Giardia Lamblia.


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The Quantum 1000 is an absolute ½ micron filter (1/50,000 inch), removing up to 99.9% of all particles like dirt, rust, asbestos fibres, harmful cysts such as Giardia (Beaver Fever) and Cryptosporidium, as well as lead, chlorine and other offensive tastes and odors like algae.


  • Inlet connection: 3/8”
  • Outlet connection: 3/8”
  • Service Flow Rate: Max 0.5 gpm (1.9 Lpm)
  • Pressure Requirements: 10 – 125 psi (0.7 – 8.6 bar), non-shock
  • Maximum Temperature: 35 – 100oF (2 – 38oC)
  • No electrical connection required.


Installation Tips

  • Never use saddle valve for connection
  • Use 3/8” water line.
  • Install vertically with cartridge handing down.
  • Allow 2-1/2” clearance below the cartridge for easy cartridge replacement.
  • Flush the cartridge by running water through filter for three minutes at full flow.

Operation Tips

  • Change cartridges when capacity is reached or when pressure falls below 10 psi.
  • Service flow rate must not exceed 0.5 gpm.
  • Always flush the filter cartridge at time of installation and cartridge change.


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